EmpireArt Blog: Atelier Bertoldini Giuliana (Masks of Venice)

Samstag, 6. August 2011

Atelier Bertoldini Giuliana (Masks of Venice)

Alessio Benetti is one of the most popular masks and jewelery Manufacturer from Venice.

The Venice Carnival attracts creativity and expectations from all over the world. Celebration par excellance, with its masked balls, parades and pilgrimages in the traditional areas of town, the Carnival enlivens and transforms him who comes in touch with it! The Atelier of Bertoldini Giuliana collaborated for more than 25 years in the organization of Carnival events and parties. Passion, experience and professionality make it one of the most appreciated stores in Venice.

I had a shooting for his New Collection

Models : Mela von Winter, Gi Na


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